Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Special Guest Blog from H.C.Elliston

If a magic formula for writing a good book exists, then I’d love to hear about it! Getting TICK TOCK RUN to the stage where I felt proud (and like I wouldn’t totally embarrass myself) took endless late nights, missing out on a social life, and an overdose of stress. For over two years, I went to bed every night with words flying around in my head. I’d jump up, race to the bathroom and scribble ideas on an empty toilet roll tube – I still do that now, did it last night! I am still learning the craft of writing. Always will be. My stories won’t ‘hit the spot’ for everyone as we all have varying tastes. I can only hope that a small chunk of readers enjoy curling up on their sofa, trying to work out who the baddie is, while cheering my characters on. Writing this novel has been one of the toughest undertakings of my life, it’s also a very lonely experience, but one of the most satisfying.


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