Saturday, April 23, 2011

Update for Week Ending 4-23-2011

I'm been working on expanding my short story An Ordinary Day for possible inclusion in a new anthology from May December Publications. The story is different in tone and approach from my novels. It is a challenge to write, but that isn't my biggest issue. I work very hard to tell the best stories I can. My editor and beta-readers really like them, but sales are nearly non-existent. I arranged for a sale, as a test to see if the base price was too high, but apparently it didn't make a difference. I sold two copies in the past two weeks.

If the launch of Lucky Streak doesn't go well, I think I'll take the hint. There are lots of movies I'd like to see and books to read. Perhaps the world doesn't need mine.

I read an article that sums up my current feelings about eBook/eComic piracy Pirates bankrupt Writers.

Until next time? I remain Dane Grannon.

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