Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Slaughter -- Movie Review

The Slaughter was directed by Jay Lee was released in 2006. This low-budget comedy/horror film starts seriously then descends into silliness. It is the true hallmark of a film that refused to take itself seriously. This movie cost only $25,000 (estimated) to make.

The opening scene is straight out of Lovecraft. A group of beautiful nude women chant and summon a cheesy-looking demon. The event is interesting but overdone.

The next scene features a young mother who is awakened by a thunderstorm. The sequence of lightning strikes reveal a swapping of the demon carrying an axe with that of the mother. The mother checks on her daughter and discovers her hacked in two. She rushes from the room and falls over the stairway guardrail and is impaled on the landing.

This beginning juxtaposed black-and-white and color shots to good effect. I think this could have been the start of a serious horror show. From this point on, the descent into comedy begins.
The remainder of the movie relates the story of a group of six college kids, the jerk boss and his pretty but bossy assistant. These characters represent the most common eight archetypes of bad horror movies -- the nerd, the jock, the stoner, the normal guy, the big-breasted blonde, the greedy boss, the harassed assistant and my favorite, the competent woman. At first I thought  she would be the helpless girl but I was pleasantly surprised.

At first I thought the movie was taking itself seriously and was going to stop watching it; however, as time passed, I realized that it was a comedy and my enjoyment increased. The script and acting are full of deliberate overacting and exaggerations. Behind the silliness lurked a plot that could be filmed as a moderately decent straight horror film. There are also numerous homages to pop culture.
This is not the greatest of movies ( I give it 2.5 of 5 stars) but I'll freely admit that the ending surprised me. While I can't recommend paying to watch, it is good enough for see for free. There is some silly violence and nudity and it deserves its "R" rating.

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