Sunday, May 29, 2011

Update for Week Ending 5-28-2011 -- ConQuest

I attended ConQuest 42 in Kansas City on Friday and Saturday. This was the first Con that I feel like I really participated in. As a member of the Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Club, I knew the people running the event. I even volunteered to enter many of the items donated for the auction into a spread sheet. It felt good to help. I hope that the Con raised a lot of money for Joplin, MO.

What made ConQuest different than PlanetComicCon for me is that I had friends attending. I felt welcome. It is always difficult for me to establish new relationships, but the people around me have been fantastic. Everyone I dealt with was extremely nice and loved to talk. Several of the people who manned the panels I attended were open to me talking to them in the "hallway" later. They all enjoyed talking about the trends in SF and Fantasy.

I have an interesting idea for a blog entry that I may write in the next few weeks. The greatest effect of my attendance that I feel revived. My spirit and energy are back. I will start writing again, but first things first, I must move. There many details that must be finished.

I want to give a special shout out to Captain Logan at .wearegeeksnotnerds who talked to me about comics, movies and our books for around 30 minutes on a U-Stream cast. It was great practice for me to be interviewed. Since then I've check out their site and found a lot of great things.

Finally, if you are into geek culture and don't know about Luke Ski shame on you. We performed a concert that kept me laughing the entire time. I purchased 5 of his CDs. You should too. My favorite song is Arkham Asylum.

Until next time, I remain, Dane Grannon

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