Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Men of War review

As stated earlier, DC is relaunching their entire line with 52 new #1 issues. I haven't read comics since I was a teenager and can't picture myself reading a book about superheroes but I was interested enough to try a few books. ( For my readers, I actually was a Kickstarter member for Fracture from Action Lab comics, but that is an exception. I love PDK Blackbox podcast.)

The first one I purchased was Men of War. Sgt Rock starred in one of my favorite comics. I always enjoyed the war stories. I've could've looked this up, but I think that the stories took place during World War 2.

I hoped that this would be an updated version. The cover depicts a modern soldier wearing dog tags with the name Rock on them. The story starts at a climatic end then flashes back to the beginning. Since this is a first issue, it is very important to grab the audience. That's the only reason I excuse this rather lame device. I wasn't concerned, because who is going to kill the main character in the first issue?

The rest of the story is well done. I really enjoyed the backstory and the artwork is good. The color pallet is an excellent device Most colors are shades of gray with reds being the exception.

After the main story, part 1 of a completely forgettable story about the SEALs was tacked on. I felt so little attachment that I totally forgot about this part.

Now comes my big gripe. The book cost $3.99. Why couldn't DC leave off the SEAL story and drop the price to $2.99?

To use my "friends" at Comic Geek Speak's rating system, this is a "BUY". Despite the price, I feel that the main story was good and the artwork excellent. I hope my budget allows me to continue reading this.

The next post will be a review of Demon Knights.

Until next time, I remain, Dane Grannon

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