Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Nerdist TV Show

I know that I promised to write a comic review for my next post, but something came up. The Nerdist TV Show aired on BBC America last night. It is based on my favorite podcast, The Nerdist.

Chris Hardwick, Will Wheaton's former roomate, is the host along with Jonah Ray and Matt Mira. The podcast is always funny and I never miss it so I decided to give the show a try.

Craig Ferguson was the first guest. I don't watch very much television so I've never seen his show, but he was a great guest. I laughed both times I watched.

The second guest, who was a surprise to the audience, was Matt Smith. For those who don't know, he is the 11th Doctor on one of my favorite shows Doctor Who. He was funny and had a great pornstar name. You'll need to watch the show to find out what it is.

I give this show the highest possible recommendation to all nerds and geeks. I give a good recommendation to non-geeks. The show was well put together and very funny. It is not meant for children, but anyone 14+ would enjoy it. If it returns, I'll watch it!

Until next time, I remain, Dane Grannon.
Enjoy your burrito.

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