Friday, September 16, 2011

Something Completely Different

DC Comics is relaunching with 52 number 1 titles. I haven't collected or read comics since I was a teenager, but I met the hosts of Comic Geek Speak at Planet Comicon in Kansas City last spring and started listening. I also started listening to The Walking Dead TV Podcast at the same time and discovered the Half Hour Wasted and Legion of Dudes podcasts. These podcasts covered the re-launch and actually attracted my attention.

Even though provides excellent service and great prices, I decided that if I wanted to read comics, I would either download them or go to my local comic bookstore. Digital day and date is a great thing, but I find the price point of either $3.99 or $4.99 for a digital comic to be way too expensive. After all, the e-version of Lucky Streak only costs $4.99.

I looked through the offerings and decided that I would never read a traditional super-hero comic. I'm just not interested. I can't picture myself reading Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, or any of the numerous Batman titles.

Six or seven weeks ago, I thought that it would be interesting to read only three titles. After careful consideration, I picked Men of War, Demon Knights, and Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. I enjoyed Sgt Rock Comics when I was a child. Men of War follows the adventures of his grandson. Demon Knights follows the story about a demon who is contained within a man. Frankenstein is about the role of Frankenstein in the DC universe. These titles all contain strong horror elements.

I'll write a review each of the issues during the next week. The reviews will contain spoilers so be aware.

Until next time, I remain, Dane Grannon

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  1. Every year it's another gimmick, I wish they'd just concentrate on telling a decent story.

    Let us know if you spot anything creeping above average.