Sunday, October 23, 2011

Completed short story

Today I finished the rough draft of the first completely new story I've written since the divorce. It was a writing prompt from the Dead Horse Society. I like the basic idea but realize that this story will need more work. I'm really happy to be writing again.

I had my kids this weekend. I took the youngest two to the library and my eight year old selected two Captain Underpants books to check out. She then spent three hours reading them. I couldn't be prouder.

A facebook acquaintance was recently attacked by a jerk because a glitch in facebook showed her as married to another woman. To my knowledge, neither woman is gay. When will people stop caring what consenting adults do in their bedrooms?

I read Frankenstein issue #2. The story keeps getting better. I like the backstory. Despite it's cartoony art style, I'm really enjoying it.

Until next time, I remain, Dane Grannon

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