Sunday, November 6, 2011

I may have read my last Men of War comic

Yesterday I read Men of War #3. My fear of what would occur did. A person in the main story suddenly showed up with super powers. I know that the comic was firmly established in the DC Universe in the first issue but I held out hope that they would keep the team in the normal side of the action.

This issue is a "pants" which means that I wouldn't buy it.

AS everyone who has been reading this knows, I've been struggling with writer's block. As a cure, on November 1st at noon, I decided to start NaNoWriMo. I had no plot and only the most vague characters. So why am I writing this? Don't I have 1667 words to do today? I finished the words hours ago. I'm thinking about my plot some this evening. I'm ahead of schedule. If anyone is interested, my nickname is DaneGrannon.

Until next time, I remain, Dane Grannon

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