Sunday, November 27, 2011

No Online Sales in November

While I sold four copies of Lucky Streak from my dwindling personal stock, no one ordered a either a printed or eBook copy from Amazon. I'm beginning to think that the price point for an eBook from an unknown author is $0.99. It would be an interesting experiment to change the price for a while and see what happens, but my relationship with my publisher is such that I can't even make the suggestion. Some fences can't be mended.

As I write this, I'm watching The Walking Dead. I love the characters in the show and the comic book. I hope that someday, I can write characters like that. Of course, that assumes that I actually write something else. I am beginning to believe that this will never be anything more than a time eating hobby. Maybe should practice my guitar instead. At least my ears provide positive feedback as I play.

I think that I'll be able to think more clearly about writing once I move in two weeks. I'll have more time for writing then and it will be considerably easier to establish a stronger support group.

Until next next, I remain, Dane Grannon.

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