Friday, March 29, 2013

Maybe the future.

This weekend Return of the Reaper is free on Amazon. I expect about 50 downloads.

I think it's no secret that sales of Lucky Streak have not even approached expectations. I don't see this changing any time soon. My promotion attempts failed. I haven't even recouped the cost of the new cover.

I posted that I wanted a few volunteers to read the beginning of a story which I'm working on for my writing group reading on April 18. One friend did a nice red pen. Another read and said he liked it. I've only read and commented on dozens of stories for free, but I guess people don't return the favor. Or they want to charge. I don't begrudge trying to make a living and since I can't begin to afford to pay, I declined their offers.

This post made me realize that maybe I should stop writing and trying to get people to read it. If you don't send it out, there is an obvious reason for the lack of response. Instead I scream from the rooftops and no one notices.

I hope this black period passes.

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