Saturday, November 22, 2014

Captain Midnight 1-18

My journey through the lands of modern Pulp stories continues. After doing my chores and half-heartedly picking up some, I spent the rest of the day playing a game of World of Tanks then reading a Captain Midnight comic.

This series is a man out of time story. I can only describe it as if Captain America had Howard Stark's brain and did the time jump. The characters are wonderful. The story arcs are well crafted. I really like the artwork. I nearly forgot to mention that their are elements of the X-files present as well. A very strong element of this book is that the same writer has remained throughout it's run. Sometimes Dark Horse doesn't have the best artists but the four people style of the four people who have drawn this is comparable enough to allow a seamless transition from artist to artist.

This book is a must read for lovers of pulp and early superheroes. It is wonderful seeing the creation of this world and it's elaborate storyline.

Until next time
-- Dane

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