Thursday, November 13, 2014


Has anyone noticed a theme to these past few posts? The books about pulp characters. I am currently trying to write a pulp is not going well so I decided to read some more pulp stories.

This post's primary purpose is to write about Starlight by Image comics. This six issue mini-series is the story about a middle aged man who lives on Earth. By the way, forty years ago he slipped through an anomaly and traveled to the stars. He rescued a planet and became their greatest and most revered hero. Then he returned to Earth and was labeled a kook and liar.

The arc of this series covers the transition of Duke from a beaten down man to a hero. This story reached me in many ways. The loneliness of being a widower and the isolation of being a person who is ridiculed is captured perfectly. And then the aliens show up.

The story is very reminiscent of Flash Gordon in tone and style. The hero shows up and saves the day. In between there are some extremely cool scenes. I loved this series. The artwork is not perfect but it definitely fits the time period of the story style. If you are a fan of pulp buy this series.

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