Friday, March 29, 2013

Maybe the future.

This weekend Return of the Reaper is free on Amazon. I expect about 50 downloads.

I think it's no secret that sales of Lucky Streak have not even approached expectations. I don't see this changing any time soon. My promotion attempts failed. I haven't even recouped the cost of the new cover.

I posted that I wanted a few volunteers to read the beginning of a story which I'm working on for my writing group reading on April 18. One friend did a nice red pen. Another read and said he liked it. I've only read and commented on dozens of stories for free, but I guess people don't return the favor. Or they want to charge. I don't begrudge trying to make a living and since I can't begin to afford to pay, I declined their offers.

This post made me realize that maybe I should stop writing and trying to get people to read it. If you don't send it out, there is an obvious reason for the lack of response. Instead I scream from the rooftops and no one notices.

I hope this black period passes.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Writing milestone reached

I finished the latest draft of the newly retitled Death of Hope and shared it with my first reader. I haven't heard back from her, but I don't expect to for at least a few days. It takes time to really read a 10k story.

I am pleased with the results. The new version has many less typos and I didn't change the name of a character at the midway point. I also like the pacing. It will be an excellent prologue for The Undead War when I rewrite it. It also puts me in the position of needing to rewrite Night's Wraith.

I think that the next longer piece I work on will be Return of the Solar Ranger. It is a pulp story that I've been messing around with since NaNoWriMo. Since it will most likely be 200 pages or so, I'll combine it with For Better and Worse and Death of Hope in a novel sized collection.

I ran The Ghosts of Chancellorsville as a promotion on Amazon last week. It did not perform well, but it has been run several times in the past. This weekend it is Return from Paradise's turn. It has never had more than a handful of takers on the promotion before and it's doing better today. I hope the plug for Lucky Streak in the back of each grabs a few additional readers.

Friday, March 15, 2013

On Saturday and Sunday The Ghosts of Chancellorsville will be available as a free download. I fixed the formatting issue and added a mini-advertisement for the new eBook version of Lucky Streak.

I hope that the people who flock to read the free short story will be impressed enough to purchase Lucky Streak. If there aren't enough sales to pay for the excellent cover, I think that my writing career will end before it ever began. The new printed version of Lucky Streak will never see the light of day. I think that I'll just have to be happy that my sister-in-law really enjoys my stories.