Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ground Hog Day 2014

I'm sitting in bed with strep throat. That pretty much sums up how my personal life is going. This balances out how my writing is going. A few days ago, I received a completely unexpected royalty payment from Amazon and CreateSpace. Someone actually purchased a printed copy of Lucky Streak. I hope it results in a review.

This year has been fun in the writing department. I am active on again. I am privileged to be reading a wonderful YA novel  set it Missouri. I sincerely hope my friend completes the novel and shares it with the world. His last book was absolutely stellar.

I set a modest writing goal for this year. I will write at least a certain number of words on a story. So far, I have exceeded my goal every day. The Return of the Solar Phantom is a campy pulp western set in outer space. I am trying to keep the style of 1950s Science Fiction, think John Carter of Mars. Yes I know it was written 100 years ago. So perhaps I should have said early Ray Bradbury. Anyway it is fun to write. I have a high-level outline and a few beats I need to hit but, beyond that, I have very little idea what I'll write each day.

This is my update. I would say that I'll try to post more often, but I probably won't.

Until next time ...