Friday, October 24, 2014

More Comic Reviews

The only advantage I can see to being too sick to write is that I am catching up with my comics.

This time I am visiting two titles from Dark Horse Comics.

The Finest in Illustrated Horror: Creepy issues 16 and 17 and The Best in Illustrated Science-Horror: Eerie issues 4 and 5 made it to the top of my reading list. These titles take me back to my youth when black and white comics on cheap paper were readily available. I don't remember the titles from then but they were basically a creature of the month. These books are worthy successors to that wonderful legacy. I feel almost like I'm reading the old House of Secrets or House of Mysteries series.

The stories are very brief but contain insight into the human condition. The black and white rendering is being done by people who really know how to make it pop. I wish I could write a short script that would appear in either title. I think I will look into that. But don't hold your breath, I feel it is extremely unlikely that I will be published in them.

If you like horror comics that are full of splatter, read these. There is some gore, but the black and white somehow makes it more palatable.

Review of Dead Boy Detectives

I recently read Dead Boy Detectives Issues 5-9 from Vertigo. I first became acquainted with them while reading the excellent Sandman trade paperbacks.

This series does not disappoint. The first three arcs were wonderful. They introduced us to the world and keep adding details which make it seem real. The writing and pacing are worthy of these characters and the artwork is among the best that I've ever seen from a Vertigo book. It compliments the age and experience level of the teenaged protagonists.

I highly recommend this book.