Monday, December 15, 2014

Penguin : Pride and Prejudice

Ever since I watched Batman on TV in the early 1970s, The Penguin has fascinated me. I've always wondered if he "succeeded" due to his drive to overcome his physical deformities or if his position was despite his condition. I want to make it clear that while not approving of his actions, I remain compelled to seek answers.

In my search for insight, I learned of the Penguin: Pride and Prejudice 5 part mini-series. My first comment about these issue is about the wonderfully dark and jagged artwork. This was straight from the pulp and noir stories that I love. The interplay of black and white contrasting with the brilliant sparkles of a devoted son's gifts to an aged mother establishes a dark and cold world.

This mini-series drew my compassion and respect for the Penguin to the forefront. As one who faces difficulty public interactions, I understand his daily struggle with the real and imagined slights from others. The first few pages of the first issue defines the overriding theme. Since these issues are readily available, I will not spoil them.

If you are a fan of the Penguin or psychological James Bondish stories, this series is for you. Since I am a fan of each, I am a definitely rating this a BUY.

Until next time,

Saturday, December 13, 2014

G.I. Joe Cobra Civil War Compendium

When I was a boy, my parents gave me a 12" tall G.I. Joe. Our innumerable adventures came to an end when I strapped two Estes D engines to his back and launched him into the sky. After two weeks of searching, I gave up.

In the 1980s, Sgt Slaughter adopted the G.I. Joe persona during a "face" turn in the WWE. I was vaguely aware of a cartoon series and an extensive toy line, but never indulged.

When I started reading comics again 42 months ago, an event called Cobra Civil War was just starting. I read bits and piece, but never learned the outcome. This compendium spans the G.I.Joe, Snake Eyes, and Cobra titles and places the issues in correct order. IDW really outdid themselves with this series. The artwork is the way I think action adventure comics should be drawn, The plot is strong with a detailed plot with many twists that kept me fooled until the end.

I am not going to spoil this incredible book other than to say that it begins with the Cobra Commander dead and starts a contest to establish his predecessor.

I highly recommend this wonderful book. I look forward to reading it again in six months or so.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mouse Guard

Mouse-Guard-Legends-of-the-Guard-Vol-1 is an incredible anthology series in the spirit of Canterbury Tales. This is a fantastic read and as of today only $6.99 instead of $14.99. It is a bargain at twice the price. BUY BUY BUY.